Social Sector Network Academy

Accelerate Your Impact!

Social Sector Network provides top-quality entrepreneurial training to empower innovative leaders around the world. We offer both self-paced and collaborative training programs, which are delivered 100% online. Designed around active learning, our training programs will help you produce actionable deliverables to further your entrepreneurship, education, and career pursuits.

Unlike other online courses, Social Sector Network programs are designed explicitly around social impact. All Social Sector Network programs are constructed around social entrepreneurship and sustainable development principles. If you seek to catalyze social and environmental change, then you should highly consider joining our programs as a participant (see below) or mentor (apply to become a mentor).

Community Training Framework

All Social Sector Network programs are conducted in conjunction with our Social Impact Community, an online network of social entrepreneurs and sustainable development professionals. Each immersive program incorporates guided learning, one-on-one mentoring, and community Slack channels so that program participants receive comprehensive learning experiences from the comfort of their homes and local co-working spaces. Our mentors include innovation, education, and startup specialists.

Introductory Courses

Do you want to make a difference in the world? Discover how you can personally generate social impact by taking this FREE micro-course! Learn about the roles in social impact communities, select an issue of focus, and strategize ways to generate your unique impact.

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Designed for aspiring social entrepreneurs, Social Impact Startup will help you turn your idea for social/environmental change into a social enterprise. This self-paced program provides leading-edge tools and strategies so that you can effectively research, develop, and test your startup concept.

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Our three primary goals are:

  1. Providing Training: Skill-building is our primary focus at Social Sector Network. We offer an assortment of training programs, strategy guides, and advisory services to support social enterprise teams, as well as impact-oriented individuals. Prioritizing affordability and accessibility, we hope to cultivate a community of social entrepreneurship experts.
  2. Enabling Collaboration: By organizing online communities, we aim to spark collaboration around social innovation and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Social Sector Network encourages partnerships across traditional sectors by bringing together an eclectic mixture of organizations and individuals.
  3. Catalyzing Impact: Our primary goal is to catalyze impact by building a connected, global ecosystem of socially-conscious stakeholders. Through our community-based initiatives, we hope to promote widespread social innovation.